Feeling a Little Stressed?

The climate in the Untied States is a little heated, and I’m not talking about the weather. If you are finding that you and your family are a little stressed out, try doing a few things to redirect your emotions. 

1. Hug your pet. Studies have found that interaction with your pet(s) has positive results for your mood and your body.

2. Go for a walk or hike. A great method for getting rid of the blues is moving your body. A time-honored method for healing the brain.

3. For an easy quick reset. Try hugging someone you love. Human interaction is an excellent way to chase away a negative emotion and reset your brain. Kids respond very well to this, so the next time your kid has a melt-down, just give them a hug.

4. Try listening to some upbeat music. Music has some wonderful effects on the brain. It’s not just great for your mood. (make sure kids don’t listen to it too loud!)

5. Write down. This may help keep things in perspective long enough for you to work them out.

6. Get out the pens, crayons or paint and start an art project. Art is a great way for kids to express themselves. Not into drawing? Try some quilting, woodworking or gardening. All have a way of redirecting and calming the mind.

When you get stressed out and can’t get away to do an activity you love, try counting (or reciting the ABCs when around your kids). Teaching your kids how to manage stress at an early age, will have life long benefits.


I am not a health care professional. If you feel you are in need of one or you are in a life threatening situation, call 911. Stay safe!

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