Time to Blow Your Kid’s Mind!

Sometimes it is a good idea to step away from our daily grind and get a bit of perspective on things. If we pay attention, nature has a way of resetting our minds and our spirits.

Have a look at this spectacular video from Nature on the structure of our Universe. Brent Tully, an astronomer at the University of Hawaii in Honolulu, lead a team of astronomers on a quest to map the gravitational landscape of galaxies. 

What they found was an enormous region of galaxies clustered together to form Laniakea, Hawaiian for ‘immeasurable heaven’, a massive structure mimicking the form of a feature. After calculating the average rate of cosmic expansion, astronomers were able to determine the velocities of 8,000 galaxies, and by using an algorithm to convey these velocities, they were able to construct a three-dimensional display.

The more distant structures are speculative, as measurements are less accurate, but this is a great starting point to understand how the Universe is behaving. Future studies will attempt to understand and map what long-term effects the gravitational tug-o-war and cosmic expansion will have on the Universe. 

For more information, visit Nature