The Secrets in the Sidewalks

Need something fun to do on a rainy day in Boston? What is more fun than hunting for secret messages around the city? 

Members of the Mayor’s Mural Crew, a youth group sponsored by the city of Boston, is creating sidewalk art around the city by stenciling poems with biodegradable water-repellent spray. The water-repellent seal wears off in six to eight weeks, so they won’t last, but Sara Siegel, program director for Mass Poetry, plans on adding more throughout the city, some in Spanish, Haitian Creole and Portuguese. 

You can thank Julie Burros, Boston’s arts and culture chief, and Michael Ansara, cofounder of Mass Poetry for this wonderful project.

The first poem appeared on Park Street, April 1st, in honor of National Poetry Month. Where are the others located? Well, you’ll have to do some walking around to find them, but here is list to get you started with your poetry hunt.

  • In front of Dudley Square Cafe in Dudley Square

  • Near Strand Theatre in Uphams Corner

  • On Harvard Avenue near the library in Hyde Park

  • Roslindale Square at the intersection of Washington Street and Cummins Highway

“Our hope is in the next two years,” Siegel said, “everyone in the state will encounter a poem in their daily lives at least once or twice a month. This a fun and unusual way to do that.” Siegel told the Globe.

So the next rainy day in Boston, keep an eye out for the message below. You never know where the next one will pop up.

Source: I love my friends on Facebook. If it weren’t for them, I wouldn’t discover amazing stories like this one. Thank you for keeping me enlightened and informed on the many wonders of our world.