Communities Celebrating Earth Day Everyday.

…in Commerce

baby-shoes-974715_640Photo courtesy of Pixabay

In the world of fashion Adidas Group has spirited ahead of the pack because they understand the importance of creating a brighter future for our children. “As a global business operating worldwide, the Adidas Group has a responsibility to look after the environment, both for people today and for future generations.” Adidas Group ENVIRONMENTAL APPROACH


…at the University

Photo courtesy of ASU

Arizona State University set up the first sustainability school in the US, is now celebrating its 10th anniversary.

Source: ASU struts its sustainability stuff on Earth Day | ASU Now: Access, Excellence, Impact


…in Government

WWTP-7                   A treatment plant in Chongqing, China, which processes 40,000 cubic metres of wastewater per day. Credit: Wen-Wei LI

Researchers, Wen-Wei Li, Han-Qing Yu and Bruce E. Rittmann, looking at the possibility of extracting carbon, nitrogen and phosphorus from wastewater and how it could generate resources and save energy.

Source: Chemistry: Reuse water pollutants : Nature News & Comment

…at Home

bulb-87565_640Photo courtesy of Pixabay

By calculating our carbon footprint we can take individual and citywide steps to lower our impact. Something as simple and easy as changing our lights bulbs to LED can have a big impact. Cities like Los Angeles are looking to lower their greenhouse  gas emission 35% below 1990 levels by 2030. 

Source: Climate change: Track urban emissions on a human scale

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