What’s That Sound?!?!

Accidental cooperation of cicadas emerging out of the ground at the same time allows this insect a unique advantage. Some species arrive every spring, like those in the Sonoran Desert, but others emerge on a ‘prime’ cycle every 13 or 17 years. Can you imagine sleeping underground for that long? No, neither can I, but it may be advantageous for this insect’s survival as they are eaten by just about every animal, including humans. 

(Cicada emerging from protective shell into a winged adult. Photo courtesy of Pixabay)

Not sure if you have ever heard a cicada? Listen to these recording by Lindsay Popple, aka dr. pop, of the Australian cicadas and see if you can record a few crazy sounds in your area. They live in deserts, grasslands and forests and emerge when the temperature becomes warm, about 75°F. The loud buzzing sound is only produced by the males. It is a great defense against predators, which means mostly females are eaten. The good news, females that do survive, can lay up to 300 eggs! 

Watch the video below and learn more about the insect that serenades the skies.