Useless Gadgets

Do you have a useless gadget in your kitchen? Have you resorted to using it on things that it wasn’t intended for in order to get your money’s worth? Apparently, you are not alone.

Be sure to watch Alton Brown, Food Network personality, before you go on a late night buying spree and buy another useless gadget. 

Written by Alton Brown and Allison Keves, developed by Monica Riese, Evan Weiss, Jessica Wakeman and Allison Keves, filmed by Diana Ecker, produced by Allison Keves, edited and directed by Matt Silverman, executive producer: Josh Rubin

Need a little more convincing? Lucky you, Alton is going on the road in 2016 for the “Alton Brown Live: Eat Your Science Tour”.  Tickets are on sale now:, for a potentially dangerous culinary show.