Favorite Holiday Films

Whenharry3“. Via Wikipedia.

When Harry Met Sally (1989) A romantic comedy with Billy Crystal, Meg Ryan, Carrie Fisher, and the famous restaurant scene between Sally (Ryan) and Harry (Crystal) as they set off to New York after college graduation. The movie has great music performances too by Louis Armstrong and Ella FitzgeraldFrank SinatraRay CharlesBing Crosby, and Harry Connick, Jr.

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 The Family Stone (2005) This dark comedy begins with the eldest son (played by Durmot Mulroney) heading home for the holidays with his uptight girlfriend (Sarah Jessica Parker). The Stone family’s luke warm to hostile reception of her prompts her to call her sister (Claire Danes) and beg her to come join them for the holiday…then things really get complicated.


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Scrooged (1988) Classic Bill Murray comedy where he plays a cynical TV executive, Frank Cross,  that everyone hates. During the late night filming of a live production of A Christmas Carol, he is visited by three ghosts of Christmas past, present and future. When presented with a few ominous future prospects, Frank must decide whether he wants to continue his life as usual or change course. 


Just Friends (2005) This is probably one of Ryan Reynolds best comedic roles. He plays a record executive that gets stuck in his home town for the holidays while traveling with a famous pop star client Samantha James (Anna Faris). When he runs into his old high school love interest and best friend, Jamie Palamino (Amy Smart). He then attempts to get out of the “friend zone” and confess his love for her.

 The kid’s selection…because you know you’re going to be watching these too.

the nightmare before christmas The Nightmare Before Christmas

A little dark for the younger kids, but a great tale and animation that can be appreciated by all.




Muppet christmas CarolThe Muppet Christmas Carol

The Muppet’s take on the classic Dickens’ tale.




The GrinchThe Grinch

This is the best version of this tale. Yes, I know there is a more recent Jim Carrey version, but in my opinion it doesn’t compare to this classic.



Madagascar PenguinsThe Madagascar Penguins in a Christmas Caper

Absolutely hilarious. When the old lady New Yorker visits a gift cart on the streets and selects one of the penguins for a dog toy…the entire family will laugh watching this.




Merry_MadagascarMerry Madagascar

An addition to the first of the Madagascar movies, the stranded New Yorkers see an opportunity to finally get home using Santa’s sleigh. Charming and funny movie.