Celebrating the holidays


The eight-day Jewish celebration, Hanukkah or Chanukah, which means “dedication” in Hebrew, commemorates the rededication of the Second Temple in Jerusalem during the second century B.C. 

  1. The legend, Jews revolted against their Greek-Syrian oppressors in the Maccabean Revolt.
  2. It begins on the 25th of Kislev on the Hebrew calendar, usually falls in November or December.
  3. The holiday is celebrated with the lighting of the menorah, traditional foods, games, and gifts, usually called the Festival of Lights.


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The seven principles of Kwanzaa are as follows:
1. Umoja (oo-MO-jah): Unity
2. Kujichagulia (koo-jee-chah-goo-LEE-ah): Self-determination
3. Ujima (oo-JEE-mah): Collective work and responsibility
4. Ujamaa (oo-jah-MAH): Collective economics
5. Nia (NEE-ah): Purpose
6. Kuumba (koo-OOM-bah): Creativity
7. Imani (ee-MAH-nee): Faith


Christmas celebration ranges from the whimsical to the tradition, and everything in between. Some folks start celebrating right after Thanksgiving, while others start much later. For two millennia, people have been celebrating Christmas as a sacred religious, secular and cultural holiday. 
1. Christians celebrate Christmas Day as the anniversary of the birth of Jesus of Nazareth
2. Customs on this holiday include exchanging gifts, decorating an evergreen tree, attending church for a  Christmas celebration, and sharing food with family and friends.
3. Waiting for the arrival of Santa Claus, aka St. Nick.

With all holidays, family and friends are the key components. What do you celebrate?
Happy Holidays to everyone!