Fashionable Toddler

When 50% of the world’s fiber needs comes from cotton, it is a good thing that organic cotton is starting to become more and more popular. “The fabric of our lives” is everywhere, the clothes we wear, the sheets we sleep on, the diapers we put on our babies, the fabric in our home and office, and even the food we eat has been made with cotton.

Conventional cotton requires an insane amount of pesticide, 55 millions of tons a year are used worldwide (cotton crops use 25% of world’s insecticide and 10% of world’s pesticide), and it is taking a huge toll on our environment

Why have industries been using so much? The initial cost is much lower to grow cotton with pesticides, but it is destroying the environment and the health of the farm workers in the fields. The medical toll includes birth defects, reproductive disorders and weaker immune systems.

Run-off from cotton fields seeps into water supply, which drains into wells, rivers, lakes, and even the ocean. These chemicals are having a destructive effect on the aquatic life living in these areas. Although there have been studies showing some frogs adapting to these toxins, this is not the norm, and far more species are experiencing possible extinction from our use of these chemicals.

It’s not easy finding great clothing made with eco-friendly dyes and organic fabric. The good news is more designers are coming around to this new trend in kids fashion. Six years ago, I couldn’t find more than a handful of places to buy quality eco-friendly clothing, but today, more and more lines are starting to offer a wider variety of organic cotton, hemp, and wool products for kids to wear.

They are not all created equal, and some are too expensive or too fragile to last more than a week of wear. Age is irrelevant, but quality knee constuction is a must because no one has the time or the money to buy clothes every week for our kids.


Here are some favorites:

d5366bbc2d7a63af0785a438b44245c8Giggle better basics gown and zen dresses are so cute and made of 100% organic cotton. They have a great selection of clothing, most of the giggle line is made from certified organic materials. RPA502LBC_1_6da851e2-c80c-11e4-a273-0aaea4356669                                     Frugi, a company out of the UK, has a great line of organic clothing for kids and a few things for mom. Like many other brands, they have GOTS certification.

433b8827ab5982f3fa93281eb4b93290Hanna Andersson is definitely a favorite. They have Oeko-Tex certified clothing and a great selection for toddlers to teens. Not all products are made from organic cotton, but they do have a few items available.                                                       I2-926LS_grandeUnder the Nile, long sleeve body suit is just one of the many styles they offer. The company has a great selection of organic Egyptian cotton with GOTS certification from fair trade farms.

 “Little Sprout” onesies from Spiritex are made with very soft organic cotton and non-toxic water based inks. They have a line of “snappies” that are made locally in the Carolinas. Wish they had more organic products.                      Nui Organic has a beautiful line of 100% organic merino wool and GOTS certified cotton clothing for toddlers, and older kids. The items are light weight and soft. Nothing scratchy about these garments.

Monica and Andy is another wonderful site full of 100% organic cotton clothing for babies and toddlers. The clothing line is filled with soft calming colors and designs that move well with your child.

Other places to shop for organic products: Land of Nod, Our Green House, Burt’s Bees, Nature Baby, Sage Creek Organics, Garden Kids, Colored Organics, Soul Flower, and of course, Etsy.