Pumpkin Carving Fun!

pumpkins-469641_64020151023_104229_resized_1IMG_0091pumpkins-202133_640Decorating for the Halloween holiday can be easy, fun and educational. Getting kids involved doesn’t have to be scary. I know you are envisioning the horrors of kids with knives, but there are many ways to get the kids involved without handing over the kitchen weapons.

Get the little ones to line up the pumpkins in order of size, or hand over a soft measuring tape and have them measure each pumpkin. Let the kids draw their own jack-o-lantern faces, while you cut out their ideas on each pumpkin. You can also use stickers for decorating. Crazy colored eye stickers that move about are great fun for the little kids.

20151023_104020_resizedSkeletons are a great way to show kids what lies inside. Have your kids learn the bones in their body while trying to feel them from the outside.   20151023_104241_resized_1Improve their small motor skills by drawing and cutting out decorations to place around the house. Kids always enjoy the holidays far more if they can get in on the action.



DSC_0196Some items to watch for while out trick-o-treating this weekend: aggressive dogs, open flames, cars, and poorly lit homes. Avoiding some hazards will make the holiday safer and more fun for all. Be sure to carry a flashlight and wear slip-resistant shoes so you can get the most from the evening walk around the neighborhood.