KID Power

Power Band

What does malnutrition and inactivity have in common? One in four American kids are considered inactive, and one in four of kids worldwide are suffering from malnutrition.

UNICEF, with the help of a few corporate sponsors, have figured out a way to help both groups. The UNICEF Kid Power band gives kids the chance to help themselves and other kids by getting out and exercising for a great cause.

How does it work? Purchase the UNICEF band and download the power app. For every power band sold Target donates $10 to the U.S. Fund. Kids wear their band while going on missions with the help of the app. The families can learn about different cultures and other kids around the world, and the more kids move, the more points they earn. These points are converted to funding from corporate sponsors, parents and fans to help children around the world.

How is the funding used? UNICEF provides immunizations, education, medicine, emergency relief and clean water for children. Not bad for a days walk around the neighborhood. If you are interested in getting your kids involved, visit their site and sign up for your Power Kid Band. The bands come in different colors and cost $39.99 plus tax.