School Search: College Scorecard at Your Service

baker-895033_640Looking for the right college just got a bit easier. The U.S. Digital Service worked with students, families, schools, developers and teams across the federal government to rebuild the new College Scorecard tool. The information was collected from 7,000 different colleges and universities over an 18 year period. It allows students and parents to look up two and four year schools around the country helping students to make more informed decisions on their academic and career choices.

It is simple to use. Visit the site and select the degree that interests you. The sites lists further options for location, school size, specific name, and an advanced search option where you can hone your search. Once you select “find schools”, you will see a list of schools that offer your selected degree along with cost, graduation rate and potential salary after graduation. Upon selecting a school, you will be able to view more details behind the data such as: financial debt, retention rates, student body, SAT/ACT average scores, and available areas of study.

Keep in mind, the data is limited and will not necessarily give the full picture of what the college offers, their teaching styles, courses offered or the environment of the campus. It is still important to visit the school(s) you are interested in and to speak with professionals in your field of interest for their option on the best colleges to attend.