Head Lice, What Parents Should Know


One of the unfortunate sides of heading back to school is the possibility of getting head lice. I can hear parents around the country saying, “Yuck!”, but apart from being disgusting, they usually don’t cause any serious disease. So take a deep breath, don’t shave your kids head or blame the dog, and keep an eye out for the lice and their nits (eggs), usually located near the ears and neck, and the scratching that sometimes goes along with their infestation. 

Be sure to notify your children’s school and/or daycare if you do find them, and don’t forget to check the whole family. Close contact allows them to transfer from one person to another. Yes, sometimes parents get to share in this delightful problem.

A day of laundering the bed linens and clothes of the those infected along with some over-the-counter medicine should do the trick to get rid of the problem. Although, in some cases a second treatment may be required. There are medications that are non-toxic extracts of chrysanthemums, but be sure to ask your doctor as some lice are resistant to these medications.

Welcome back to school!

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