Race To Nowhere

If you haven’t had the opportunity to watch this movie, you should. In an educational system that is based on test success and not learning, it is time to initiate a change. No child left behind is failing our country, our future and our child.

The excuses have run the gauntlet; students aren’t as driven as those in high performing countries, our teachers are poorly trained, parents don’t care about their child’s education. Sound familiar?

Parents want the best education for their children, but what has changed is the way in which our educational system has gone about it. It is aparent from elementary to college, students are more concerned about the content on the tests than learning the material and being able to apply it in a real world situation. We are no longer teaching our kids to think, but teaching our kids to test.

If your family feels stressed out and strung out, you are not alone. It’s a cultural problem in this country, but success and intelligence is not measured by wealth and money will not bring happiness.