Gearing Up for School


It’s that time of the year when parents are running around trying to get everything ready for the school year. Breakfast, lunches and snacks are a big deal, and knowing how to get your kids to eat healthy with plenty of calories to fuel their day is essential, and studies show that children who eat a healthy breakfast perform better in school. 

Get them going in the morning

Breakfast doesn’t have to be the traditional cereal or eggs and toast. The key is to get them to eat healthy before they head out the door. So if your kids want a sandwich for breakfast or last nights dinner, as long as they are getting a nutritional meal, there’s nothing wrong with being untraditional.

Plan ahead

Making their snack and lunch the evening before will free up some time for your family in the morning. Pre-cut some veggies that your kids like to dip in some peanut butter or hummus, slice some fruit and pack with a small container of yogurt, or fill up a bag of nuts, dried fruit, seeds and dark chocolate for a great snack to help your kids load up on their daily nutrition. 

Tomato sauce with a variety of pasta shapes are easy to make ahead of time. Just heat them up and place them in an insulated stainless steel container for a great warm lunch. Have a child that isn’t a pasta fan? No worries, just make a homemade pizza with their favorite bread and some cheese.

For the older kids that like to sprint out the door before eating breakfast. Try to have some “to go” options like trail mix, smoothies or a bagel with cheese. Aim for nutrient rich foods without added sugar or a high dose of sodium, and your kids will maintain a good energy level throughout their day. 

Pack it right

For items that you need to keep cold, lunch meats and dairy products, try using an insulated lunch box and wrap items with some small ice packs. Keep the lunch box and food in the refrigerator overnight to help ensure a day of cold and safe food for your kids.