Bastille Day, La Fête Nationale

fireworks-654118_640On July 14, 1789, troops stormed the Bastille. a medical fortress and prison in Paris, and became a pivotal event at the beginning of the French Revolution. Later, Fête de la Fédération was celebrated in 1790 to mark the establishment of a constitutional monarchy in France. This day has been celebrated in some fashion ever since, but it wasn’t until 1880 that Bastille Day became a public holiday. A military parade has been held every year since 1880, and tomorrow will be no exception. Military and civilian parades will march through Paris in celebration of Bastille Day, along with a military airshow, dancing, music concerts, picnicking and an evening of spectacular fireworks around the Eiffel Tower. If you are able to make a trip to Paris during this time of year, it is an amazing event. The best way to experience Paris, live like a local. Apartment rentals are affordable and a great way to get to know the Parisians.

Not surprising, this day is celebrated in many parts of the world. Here in the US, a few major cities celebrate in some fashion from picnics and wine tasting in Seattle to Milwaukee’s four day street festival that begins with a “Storming of the Bastille”, which is a 43 feet replica of the Eiffel Tower. Check with the cultural center in your area, see if they are coordinating an event, or throw your own little revolutionary party to celebrate Bastille Day, formally known as La Fête Nationale.

Vive la France!


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