Ever wonder how the continents formed since Pangea?

Did you know that fossils of ancient sea creatures are found in the middle of the US? Ever wonder how a Mosasaur fossil can be found in Texas or marine fossils at the Grand Canyon in Arizona or a Thalassomedon can be found in Colorado?

Watch 600 million years of Continental Drift and see some interesting formations occurring on the North American continent. Notice the ocean running down through the middle of the US around 90 mya (million years ago). It explains why areas like South Dakota, Colorado, Texas, and Arizona are “hot spots” for ancient sea creature fossils.

Pause the video at 65 mya and see what the Earth looked like at the time the dinosaurs, at least the large ones, all went extinct.

Watch India break away and set on a collision course with Tibet, forcing it upwards, creating the great peaks of Mt. Everest and K2 in the Himalayas.


Exactly what is going on? Watch this video for a simple overview.


“2001: A Space Odyssey: Also Sprach Zarathustra (Opening)” by City Of Prague Philharmonic Orchestra