Happy Birthday Canada!



The celebration of the creation of four provinces from the British North American colonies of Nova Scotia, New Brunswick and Province of Canada into the current provinces, occurs annually on July 1st. This day is filled with festivals, fireworks, carnivals, air shows, musicals, and citizenship ceremonies for new citizens. 

Most communities across Canada host an organized celebration, with the national capital, Ottawa, Ontario having a large cultural and concert celebration held on Parliament Hill. So if you are in Canada today, take part in some of the wonderful activities. Not heading out of the country? Visit Detroit, Michigan or New York City where they have extended this celebration with similar food, music, street hockey (in Central Park), and massive fireworks (over the Detroit River).


It wasn’t until 1982 when the last vestiges were surrendered and Canada gained it’s independence, but royalty from United Kingdom, Will and Kate, still join in the celebration.