Learning to Swim

Every child should learn to swim. Do it yourself or sign up your child for lessons. The YMCA, private companies or your backyard pool are all great places to get started. 


A Quick Overview

  • Get your child use to the water early on in the bathtub. 

  • Get them use to water in their face while playing in the bathtub. 

  • Always make it fun. They should be comfortable and use to the water before you start teaching them to swim, or having someone teach them to swim. 

  • Teach them to hold their breath under the water 

  • Teach them to move their legs and  kick across the pool. You can use a board to get hem use to kicking.  Once they have mastered the kick, you can move to the arm motion. 

  • Once they have gotten use to the arm and leg motion, teach them to swim to the wall.

  • Teach them how to roll over on their back in the water. Floating is a great way to relax and catch their breath.

  • Have them roll over on their back every so often, to get use to the maneuver. 

  • You can fine tune as you go. e.g. Kicking with legs straight and arms extended.

  • Remain relaxed and calm, and take ques from your child to know when they are comfortable or when they are tired.

How to Select an Instructor

If you decide to get your child into a swim class. There are a couple of options, individual or group lessons. If your child prefers one on one interaction, start with individual instruction. Some kids learn faster when they have individual attention, others are more competitive in nature and require a group setting to motivate them. Don’t be afraid to change instructors or move between group and individual lessons. The goal is to get your child to be a strong and confident swimmer. 

Water Safety

  • ALWAYS have the pool enclosed and locked. 

  • Make sure there isn’t anything a child can drag over or climb on to get into pool area

  • Teach them pool safety

  • NEVER leave a child unattended around any water. A small child can drown in a foot of water of water. 

  • Keep your pool clean of debris or items that your child can get tangled up in the water. 

  • Get CPR training