All for Them and None for You?

Living Wage

Why is paying individuals a living wage is so important? Respect, it’s all about respect. No one begrudges a person accummulating wealth, but when that wealth is achieved at the expense of others, dismissing their value and contribution….that shows a lack of compassion at best. No CEO, president, or head of a company should receive millions of dollars in pay via salary or stock options when the full time workers are not paid enough to live.

There are companies that pay well and have high employee satisfaction, companies like Costco, Intuit, In-N-Out Burger, T-Mobile, Google, and Adobe. Glassdoor’s Top 10 Companies for High School Graduates has salaries at living wages, but options are limited for those without a college degree.


In Seattle, legislators have raised the bar to increase minimum wage to $15/hour. “We don’t yet know what the impact of today’s wage increase will ultimately be. As social scientists, our role is simply to report what happens and to leave it to the citizens and leaders of Seattle to decide whether the effects are good or bad.” according to  Jennifer Romich and Jacob Vigdor of The Seattle Times. I am sure all eyes will be on the Northwest for the next couple of years.