Favorite CookBooks

Two thngs I don’t have a lot of, time and space. When it comes to picking a cookbook, I want it to be useful and easy to follow. In our house, we use cooking as an introduction to culture. You hear chefs and travel experts talking about visiting the restarurants where the locals hang out in order to immerse yourself in the culture. We all can’t fly across the continent to immerse ourselves or our family in another culture, but we can select a cookbook that represents the taste of the region.

At dinner, we make it a “tasting” event. Everyone takes a sample and expresses their opinion on each dish. It empowers kids when they can express themselves, it gives the parents an insight into what their kids like, and it invites kids to explore….and it’s fun.

Here is a list of some of my favorites, the recipes are fairly easy and very delicious. 

food of italy 2             or  food of italy

Med CookBook

middle eastern

spoonful of ginger