Let’s Go Subatomic!

How to Reveal Subatomic Particles at Home | NOVA

How crazy and cool is it that you can see a subatomic particle at home doing a simple experiment? Maybe we should start off with explaining what a subatomic particle is. Subatomic particles are protons, neutrons, and electrons. These subatomic particles are the building blocks of an atom. Protons and neutron are located in the nucleus of the atom as electrons whip around the core.


When stars explode, they blast these subatomic particles into space. Right now, there are subatomic particles rushing by you and through you. Don’t worry, they aren’t doing any permanent damage. The video shows an at home experiment where you can see these particles as the pass through a glass jar. 

Experiment should be performed with an adult present. Dry ice and rubbing alcohol can be corrosive.