Things to Do to Celebrate Earth Day Any Day


Hug a tree, the larger the better. Sequoias can reach over 300 feet and live beyond 1,000 years. Being around something that big and that old, can put things in perspective.


Take a Hike. Hiking is a great way to exercise, lets you appreciate nature, and can render some amazing views.


Go hunting for reptiles and amphibians! What kid doesn’t like finding a lizard or frog or maybe a snake. Well, maybe not a snake, but it is a great way to see the small things that live amongst us.


If you live near the coast, try a day trip for some beach combing.

Plant a tree. Trees provide shade, oxygen, and a great place to nap.

Spending time outside is benefical for everyone, and it is a wonderful way to create a lasting memory with your kids.