The Masters of the Deep

Hercules, a remotely operated vehicle (ROV) captures a sperm whale cruising around 600 meters in the Gulf of Mexico. National Geographic researchers reported seeing the whale breach the surface, “And then, moments later, he was 2,000 feet down.”

Amazing traits

  • They can hold their breath up to 90 minutes.
  • They can dive to approximately 2,000 metres in search of food.
  • The females live in pods up to 20 individuals, while adult males roam the oceans alone.
  • They eat approximately 900 Kg of squid and fish per day.
  • Once hunted for oily substance, spermaceti used as fuel and as a lubricant, they are now listed as vulnerable by conservationists.
  • Spermaceti is pretty amazing; used for buoyancy and echolocation.
  • Largest toothed whale; males can reaching sizes up to 20 metres.
  • They are found in any ocean not covered with ice.

Other Sperm whale videos (Viewer discretion is advised)

Pod of sperm whales adopt a deformed dolphin.

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