Child protective service agencies have calculated about 679,000 children were victims of maltreatment in 2013, and more than 1,400 children died in the United States from abuse and neglect. The CDC’s Division of Violence Prevention has set up a framewrok to help prevent maltreatment before it begins, Essentials for Childhood.

According to the CDC, “Child maltreatment includes all types of abuse and neglect of a child under the age of 18 by a parent or caregiver that results in harm or potential harm. There are four common types of abuse.

  • Physical abuse is the use of physical force, such as hitting, kicking, shaking, burning, or other shows of force against a child.
  • Sexual abuse involves engaging a child in sexual acts. It includes behaviors such as fondling, penetration, and exposing a child to other sexual activities.
  • Emotional abuse refers to behaviors that harm a child’s self-worth or emotional well-being. Examples include name calling, shaming, rejection, withholding love, and threatening.
  • Neglect is the failure to meet a child’s basic physical and emotional needs. These needs include housing, food, clothing, education, and access to medical care.”

Studies have shown that how we parent our children in the first few years has a huge impact on the child’s self esteem and grit, but any parent knows it doesn’t stop there. Challenges come at all ages and being prepared can make a world of difference in our children’s lives.

Here are a few books to help.